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2011 Homeschool Night at the Rockcats..

The 4th Annual CT Homeschoolers Family Night at the New Britain Rockcats…homeschoolers unfurl the giant flag as homeschooler  Emma Barresi sings the National Anthem.

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Four Felted Bags Sitting in A Row

Four Felted Bags Sitting in A Row

It seems it isn’t all that easy to get all our bags in a row! Here are four of the Fair Isle Felted bags made this spring at Epoch Homeschool Coop. A total of 10 bags were made in class, another 5 or 6 were made by local friends and another 40 on Ravelry….oh how I’d love to see ALL those bags together, but for now, all I can get in one place at one time is four.

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And still not satisfied with that….


these knitting crazed knitters were ready to forge on!

This session, with me facing an impending surgery to repair a torn Rotator cuff in my dominant arm (thank you winter 2011), I was just planning to offer a Knitting Circle to help folks with projects of their choosing when an idea swelled in my head and couldn’t be quelled….a Fair Isle Tote Bag!

I’d been eyeing this bag for some time and thought, oh heck…just do it! The response was overwhelming…a simple post on Facebook about the idea and even non-homeschooling friends were joining in, I think we’re up to 16 Facebook/homeschooling knitters now.  In my own blur of craziness I formed a KAL on Ravelry too and 38 knitters joined the Fair Isle phenomena….including one from Germany and one from England. Even my 12 yo daughter has joined the fair isle craze!

This tote bag is the perfect way to learn fair isle colorwork, with no more than two colors being used at once, there are eight charts, six colors, an I-chord bind off and I-chord straps. Then to top it off its felted…blending the charts and colors beautifully and we all know how forgiving felting is …making it a wonderful first fair isle project.

I was able to get mine done and get them all started pre-surgery…and in their usual fashion they are embracing this new project with a fervor…and that not-so-joyful-knitter has even been heard to exclaim, “this is fun!”

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Sampler Scarf KAL


It quickly became apparent that these knitters….some brand new, others not new but cautious to forge on…were ready for more, more, MORE!

So when the new session began in January I offered two classes…a one hour Scarf Sampler, and a two hour Knitting Circle.

The Scarf Sampler attendees learned many new skills as they tackled knit and purl designs, corded ribbing, cabling, lacework and ornamental stitches as well as reading patterns and charts.

Each week they were given a new pattern to work on…and the competition was fierce….one still-not-joyful knitter made two!

The scarf madness overflowed into the Knitting Circle class…a time for social knitting and/or knitting help for other projects.

It was a great session….with new friendships forming and old friendships growing!

The picture doesn’t do the scarves justice…they are gorgeous!

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knitting craze….

There’s a new knitting craze taking over…and these folks are unstoppable!

Last fall a new homeschooling coop formed in my area, so I offered a general knitting class for one hour a week for eight weeks.

By the third class people were showing up with sock yarn and needles… essentially became a sock knitting class….though one knitter…who proclaimed that she did not like knitting, “but would not be beat” carved her own dpns and cast on glovelets. Ha!

Several new sock knitters were born in those eight weeks….and a one hour class grew to a day long knit-in! And when those eight weeks ended and the new session wasn’t slated to begin until mid-January, this small but growing group moved to weekly gatherings at the library for the intercession.

It has become a knitting craze!

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Happy St. Lucia Day

Help someone in need today.

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A Ribbon of a Weekend

Emma and I both won ribbons at our local fair in the adult knitting categories!


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Emma’s Victoria Raglan Sweater…Fini!

We bought the yarn for this at WEBS last November on MY birthday trip…and Emma cast on right away…got a little bored with the body but cranked out the the last 4 inches of the lace edge on the bottom just in time to enter in our local fair this afternoon! She’s mighty proud of that sweater.

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Socks A-Sailin’

The socks saw lots of sailing while on vacation last week….

…and witnessed another win from two of my favorite sailors at the 2010 Summer Finale Week Sailing Regatta. Emma’s gotten quite good at sailing, thanks to lessons from her dear ol’ dad.

Bart Barresi

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Knotty Knitty Chatty Knitting

I traded some of my handcrafted soaps for this recycled alpaca yarn with another crafter on Etsy. It’s so soft and I’m thrilled that someone had the wherewithall to save some beautiful fiber!
Cast this project on during vacation and managed to get through all those knots while chatting with other knitterly vactioners.
One finger done, my first official pair of gloves, though my dd, 11, finished her first pair last winter and I guided her through it, that counts doesn’t it?

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