Posted by: ComeShareACupofTea | November 10, 2008


We had a rare Sunday afternoon at home with nothing on the calendar calling us away from our responsibilities, we’re such procrastinators, we’ll jump at any chance to avoid the “To Do” list…although I like to think of us as life learners not procrastinators, so much more appealing sounding!

Anyway, while Layla soaked in the unusually warm late fall sun rays eyeing scampering squirrels all aroud her and relishing in the knowledge that her ‘peeps’ were with her…


Bart took advantage of the warm weather to work on the new dining room window and ….


Emma and I raked leaves in the front yard and stuffed a scarecrow, just for the fun of it.

Life is good!

Bart Barresi


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Miss Layla ….i miss that silly dog…I miss you guys more tho!
    Enjoy the fall!

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