Posted by: ComeShareACupofTea | November 27, 2008

And the Culprit is…Soap!


Blog posting has been slow…very slow. October is always a busy month for the blog, with an annual visit from family, a birthday or two, Halloween and all that comes with it, and this year, a play thrown in.

But November? Well, all those hundreds of fundraiser order forms that we printed in September are due in the first week in November. And from there on out for the next several weeks we’re a bit pre-occupied with soap production. That picture up there represents one of our curing shelves. It holds about 600 bars of soap, just a portion of what we have to make this year in time for early December delivery. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, we’re almost done measuring, mixing and pouring. While the soaps cure we’ll move on to lip balms and lotions, and Emma’s soaps!

Emma sold 80 of her Just For Kids Soap Gift Set this season! She’s had a very good lesson in marketing, pricing, budgeting, income/expenses, production and all things that come with operating a business! She bough a ledger and is learning bookkeeping skills too. Next lesson…saving! Our little shopper has big plans for her new found wealth, and we’ll allow her a bit of ‘fun’ money, but the rest is getting tucked away.

Back to the soap pot!


  1. I’m drooling over all that soap.

    Luscious and wonderful.

    And a lot of work, good for you!

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