Posted by: ComeShareACupofTea | April 3, 2011

knitting craze….

There’s a new knitting craze taking over…and these folks are unstoppable!

Last fall a new homeschooling coop formed in my area, so I offered a general knitting class for one hour a week for eight weeks.

By the third class people were showing up with sock yarn and needles… essentially became a sock knitting class….though one knitter…who proclaimed that she did not like knitting, “but would not be beat” carved her own dpns and cast on glovelets. Ha!

Several new sock knitters were born in those eight weeks….and a one hour class grew to a day long knit-in! And when those eight weeks ended and the new session wasn’t slated to begin until mid-January, this small but growing group moved to weekly gatherings at the library for the intercession.

It has become a knitting craze!

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