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Profile Changes

Emma’s profile will be changing soon…so we headed off to the local photo studio to record the current profile for posterity. The last professional shots we had taken were when she was 8, since she’s about to turn 12 and the braces go on in the morning, we thought it good timing.

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Lacey goodness…

We’ve had lots of knitting accomplishments during our blogging hiatus. This is Emma’s most recent project, her third sweater and her first lace work. She found this pattern while we were at WEBS for my annual birthday trip. The plan was to have me do the lacey part and her do the straight knitting but she was inspired along the way and has taken over the entire project…beautifully I might add.

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Back by Popular Demand…


Here’s a video clip of Emma’s program at a recent skating competition music from Mama Mia)

…this young lady has been smitten by the skating bug in a big way! As I watch this I think about those first weeks on the ice way back when and am amazed at how far she’s come! She was a prize-winning wall-gripper!


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Free Range

We spent this glorious spring weekend taking care of backyard projects. Until now Bart has been worried about letting our hennies roam free, but after visiting friends on Memorial Day weekend and watching their ladies wander about the festivities he decided to give it a go. Needless to say, the girls were thrilled to have roaming privileges and happily munched on buggies and other delicious things.  When Bart took the lawn mower out he thought for sure they’d scatter, but instead, they ran right over to him…so used to it mowing around their pen and shooting sweet grass into them, they were eager for the lawn mowing treat! They actually followed him around as he mowed! All was well until we spotted a hawk flying overhead late Sunday afternoon, we quickly corralled them back to the pen but are looking forward to more henny wandering while we’re out enjoying the yard.

Bart Barresi

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Miscellaneous May

Ok, so I’ve been a bit remiss in updating the blog the past month, if you are just tuning in you may want to scroll down because there are several new posts. Facebook seems to be getting more attention these days!

Here’s a glimpse of some miscellaneous May activities that weren’t major enough to warrant their own posts!

Bart’s been fishing with his buddy…he caught a few trout that we could actually eat. They were good, delicious even and we enjoyed them thoroughly, until Bart woke up the next day with a swollen and itchy face. It took about 7 days for whatever he reacted to to clear his system entirely, poor guy was a mess.

We were lucky enough to find another great bike for Emma at this year’s Town Wide Tag Sale. Those blasted legs just keep on growing!

One recent Saturday Bart and Emma went to a local Rocket Club’s launch day and enjoyed tooling around, admiring rockets of all shapes and sizes and watching them fly through the sky! Then Emma came home and she and I whisked away to a local Alpaca Farm’s Open House where we got up close and personal and dug our hands into all that lovely fiber! If only we had the property…an Alpaca farm we’d be!

We’ve also been knitting and doing yard work and running to rehearsals and work and and and and and…a revolving door of activities, but it’s all good!

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Homeschool Night at the Rockcats 2009

I coordinated the second annual Homeschool Night at the New Britain Rockcats in May with over 400 homeschoolers attending. It was  a great night! This year, as opposed to last, it was much cooler…some say cold even! I did a random drawing for one of the kids to throw a ceremonial first pitch, we unfurled the giant flag on the field during the National Anthem which was sung by Emma and her friend we got free hats and all the kids got hot dogs and a drink!

About 20 days before the game, while at a yarn shop browsing through patterns for inspiration, Emma found a patriotic vest pattern and she thought it would be amazing if she and her friend both had matching vests to where for when they sang the National Anthem and would I, oh would I pleeeeeeeese make them, please????  and, perhaps I was blinded by her pleading, I foolishly agreed wholeheartedly. Let’s just say it was a trying 20 days and not much else happened in my house the last 5 of them…I actually wove in the ends of the second one in the car on the way to the game. But aren’t they adorable? They aren’t finished really…they both need to have armholes and neckband trim and more stars, but they were wearable for the game!

As a matter of fact, the day of the game we went and got Emma’s friends to help us make stars…I ordered pizza, taught them how to make them and there we all sat jamming to Kris Allen tunes and knitting away! Alyssa and Rebecca…you two rock! U-Ka-Lay- Lee!

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Spring Performance 2009

Spring Performance May 31, 2009 (1)

She’s off to this year’s Spring Performance, a wonderful showcase of classical and contemporary dance. Emma opted out of ballet this semester in favor of jazz instead, so she was a Pink Panther in this Spring’s production. Since there’s only one small Intermediate Jazz class, she danced in both performances…meaning a day of dance fun. We make it a family affair so Bart was Head Usher, as usual, and I sold tickets and ushered with him.

Spring Performance May 31, 2009 (3)

In anticipation of  hanging out backstage with her friends for several hours, Emma packed along a bag full of yarn and taught several girls how to finger knit in their spare time.

Spring Performance May 31, 2009 (4)

The Pink Panther crew, minus a few. It was fun for her, she loves jazz and the jazz teacher.

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Jean’s First Weaving

When Bart got the itch to weave, I didn’t. When Emma got the itch to weave, I didn’t. But last month when the Yarn Harlot got the itch to weave, I said, “OK, I’ll at least give it a try so I can say I’ve done it.”

I picked out some lovely Misti Alpaca Sock Yarn while at WEBS’ tent sale and Bart, the official loom warper (is that a title?)  helped me warp the loom (and for his generosity I gladly obliged him a fishing escapade with his buddy). If it weren’t for a knitting project with a deadline I would have had that scarf done in a few days, but it finally came off the loom last night. I love the colors (click on pix to embiggen…see colors better!), though am surprised that it is a bit itchy…the skeined yarn didn’t feel itchy at all. I think I beat it too much with the heddle because it isn’t very soft and drapey, reminds me more of a pastor’s vestment…hmm, seems to me a joke would fit in there nicely…about being a pastor of knitting or something, but I just can’t think of a way to word it right now! When I look at the picture of the Yarn Harlot’s scarf I can see that hers looks looser, so if I do give weaving a go again, I’ll be sure to go easy on the heddle to create a softer feel. This one will look nice with a turtleneck sweater come winter though.

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Starry Night

Starry Starry Night Vincent Van Gogh Art June 2009 (2)Starry Starry Night Vincent Van Gogh Art June 2009 (3)


Sometimes Emma mopes around saying she feels like creating something, but my usual fiber related ideas just don’t fit the bill, “I want to do art mom, art!” Ok, I’ll ignore the fact that she doesn’t seem to regard my fiber art as art because I understands she means she wants to use a different medium. Having not spent very much time exploring fine art in my youth (hmm..recalling Art 101 in college with a dreary old professor, whose makeup application could possibly be construed as art, nearly put me to sleep 3x weekly with slide after monotonous slide…) Emma and I are using a new curriculum for art this year called Meet the Masters. So far we are enjoying it very much. It’s a nice blend of art technique, art history and art appreciation and gives us both a good place to start. This lesson focused on creating texture with oil pastels using Van Gogh’s Starry Night as the springboard.  She really got a nice feel for using different kinds of lines to create texture and now she’s eager to take off on her own and create a unique design!

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Tyeing up loose ends…


Finally Finished! Bart finished the weaving part of this table runner at last year’s NETA SPA, Knit & Spin weekend. But it sat all year with dangling threads hanging out all over it. Apparently using a needle to weave in the ends isn’t as exciting to him as actually weaving the cloth. Since I was in a bit of a knitting slump last week, I pulled it out and finished it up…lovely! Amazing how that yarn bloomed right before my eyes when washed!


Here’s the finished Serekinity Merino Top all spun up and ready for a project.  I think it’s my most consistent spinning so far, very pleased.

pink corriedale

And here’s some pink Corriedale that I started spinning ages ago and finally finished last week. Amazing the difference between the bit I spun up at first and the bit that was done last week…more consistent, still a few chunky spots, but over all pretty good. It looks to be worsted weight. I also have some white in the Corriedale…started that last week.

I’m happy to say the knitting slump is over, Emma and I found inspiration at a LYS and I’ve got a deadline, so I’m knitting like a crazy woman to get it done and making good progress. Emma has  a new project now too, a pooch sweater for Layla….coming along nicely…pix to come soon!

Bart Barresi

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